At West Orange Animal Hospital, we have a fully stocked pharmacy to offer you the best value while delivering reliable and personalized service. Our doctors have the most complete medical information on your pets, and the ability to anticipate drug interactions or other problems that can result from inappropriately administering medication.

Our products:


  • Prescription medications: Our pharmacy carries a wide variety of commonly prescribed veterinary medications including anti-inflammatory and pain medications, antibiotics, heart medications, gastroprotectants, medicated grooming supplies, dental health products, and many other products
  • Preventative care products: Our hospital offers a variety of flea and tick and heartworm prevention for both cats and dogs. Our doctors can help you choose the best products for you and your pet.
  • Prescription diets: If your pet has been prescribed a diet to help treat or support a medical condition – such as kidney disease, food allergies, or gastrointestinal issues – you can order your prescription diets from our hospital. We sell both dry and wet (canned) food and will be happy to provide help deciding the correct prescription diet and proper amount to feed. We sell a variety of brands and only offer top quality, so you can be sure your pet is getting the diet available.
  • Non-prescription products: Our pharmacy has a wide selection of holistic nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals and herbal therapies. Whether you are looking for vitamins or supplements –such as glucosamine for arthritis, immune-support, liver support supplements, or more– we can help you choose the correct brand and strength for your pet

Our guarantee:

When you purchase medications from our pharmacy, you can rest assured that your pet’s medications were obtained directly from the manufacturer themselves – preventing counterfeit products which is unfortunately very common in this day and age. An advantage of purchasing these medications from West Orange is the assurance of the manufacturer’s product efficacy guarantee, which most manufacturers provide only if the product is purchased from your veterinarian. For example, if your pet tests positive for heartworms while on a monthly heartworm preventative that you purchased from your veterinarian, many drug companies will pay for the additional testing and treatment of your pet’s heartworm disease. If you bought your product from an online or other pharmacy, this very expensive treatment would not be covered by the manufacturer.

We guarantee our medications are not expired and have been stored under optimal conditions. You can count on us to provide you with accurate information about your pet’s medications, including proper dosing information, and to alert you to any potential drug side effects or interactions. We are also available should you experience any problems with your medications at home. We pride ourselves that all the products from our pharmacy are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and come directly from the manufacturer.

Prescription refills:

All prescription medications require a current doctor-patient relationship under state and federal law. A physical exam is required once per year, at a minimum, to ensure that the doctor has an up-to-date understanding of the patient’s medical history, current medical status, and their medical needs. This is intended to ensure the safety of the patient and help the doctor develop an appropriate medical plan based on accurate and current exam findings. Not examining your pets on a regular basis could result in improper dosing due to weight changes, incorrect medications from changing or new medical problems, or life-threatening complications from drug interactions if the doctor not kept up-to-date on your pet’s current medications.

If the medication you are buying has no refills left, you will need to speak with one of our veterinarians again to ensure you should continue administering this drug to your pet. In some instances, we may request to see your pet again to determine whether to continue the medication in the same strength/dosage or prescribe a different treatment protocol.

Thank you for allowing us to serve your veterinary needs. We are striving to speed up the accuracy and convenience of our services to you, and we ask for your help in doing so. Please allow us 48 business hours to get your pet’s refill ready. Please note that requests placed Friday and Saturday will be ready by Monday or Tuesday afternoon, respectively. Holidays will require an additional day for us to fulfill prescription requests. If you are requesting a special order, a supplement, or other uncommon prescription items, please allow us additional time to special order products on your behalf.

Of course, we understand that “life happens” and that you may need a last-minute emergency or urgent refill. We are happy to make that happen as a rare exception and courtesy to you, but we do need to reserve those extraordinary efforts for true emergencies and valid urgency. We are grateful in advance for your understanding of this policy.