When I first rescued my dog Ti, I looked for an animal hospital that would put my new family member’s well being first. After a few referrals from friends, I decided to take Ti for his first visit to West Orange Animal Hospital. Now a few years and several visits later, I know I’ve made the right choice. All the staff knows Ti’s name. They have made his visits very comfortable and you can tell Ti loves coming here just as much as he loves to be walked or being petted on his belly. The technicians may look young, but have proven to me that they are very professional and experienced. The doctors have shown me that Ti’s well being is their main concern. They take their time and thoroughly explain any tests, vaccines and medications that have to be performed/given to Ti. Although there are several hospitals much closer to my neighborhood, I make the 45 minute drive to West Orange Animal Hospital knowing I’m going to get the best service for Ti. I recommend this place to anyone who considers their pet as more than just a pet, but more as a family member.
– Carlos G.


I have been to vets for generations of our cats during my lifetime in 5 different states. I have to say that WOAH is the best. The front desk staff are smart and organized. They ask you all the right questions when you call. They recognize the possibility of a serious situation and will schedule you accordingly. Dr. Bruno is the best! Besides being highly experienced, educated and kind, he is truly the best communicator! He also makes sure you don’t spend any more of your hard earned money than necessary. Thank you!
Karen B.

They really care about your pets and their prices are reasonable. They have always been willing to do the most important procedures first in order to work within your budget. They cared for my best friend in the world, Eddie, from the day I brought him home from the shelter, in 2004, until the day he finally passed, December 15, 2018. They always treated us with dignity and kindness. Most importantly, they always made me feel like they truly cared for his well-being. Dr. Bruno is a saint. He is such a kind and compassionate man. Dr. Perez is a wonderful vet and a kind person. I have had fewer interactions with Dr. Boen, but he was always very kind and did whatever he could to help keep the costs low. In fact, he informed me that he could give my dogs free vaccinations just by paying for an office visit for a completely separate matter involving a fungus in my dog’s ear. I wish I could give them 6 stars. I would never take my boys anyplace else.
– Anonymous

We have been with West Orange Animal Hospital for the last 10 years, and Dr. Boen is our primary vet (who is terrific, by the way). We have a miniature schnauzer who they have seen since he was a puppy. Our dog turned 10 this past year and had several large cysts that needed to be removed last month. I was nervous about putting him under at his age, but Dr. Perez totally put me at ease. There was a potential issue with his heartbeat before they were planning to operate, so she did a radiograph, consulted with Dr. Boen and reassured me of the results. It ended up being safe to do surgery, and after it was completed, she called me again to personally let me know that “my baby” was doing fine. Our dog pulled through with no problem whatsoever, and even had a teeth cleaning while he was under. I would recommend this practice to anyone. Barbara and all the front office staff are a huge help, and they are all compassionate, knowledgeable re insurance, prescription diets, medications, etc. The new office is great, and I never have to wait more than 15 minutes.
– Diana S

Dr Perez saved Roxy’s life. Roxy is a Service Dog and she cares for a PTSD patient with Traumatic Brain Injury. Dr Perez came in on her day off to treat Roxy and the surgery she performed allowed Roxy and her patient continue their unique bond. I am very gratefull this Thanksgiving Eve for Dr Perez and her team. They helped keep Roxy and her Brain Injuered human partner to continue their unique bond. Roxy is recovering nicely and without West Orange Animal practice this holiday season would have been a Holiday Season of grieving for this special family. Thank you to the very talented team at West Orange Animal Hospital. This Holiday Season a very special family have their service dog to cherish and celebrate this very special season. I cannot thank you all for your caring and you all are in my thoughts & prayers.
Will O.

Very friendly and professional staff that truly cares about the animals and people they care for. It is a pleasure bringing my miniature Doberman pincher here. A plus is that they have many bilingual staff which helps when my mother needs to bring my dog. Overall great place and great staff, if you want great care go here.
– Charles S.

Dr. Boen is incredibly kind, compassionate, caring, and gentle. I really enjoyed my visit with him, and I believe he helped my cat feel at ease. Dr. Boen even gave me a call back when I had given the office a ring with a few questions about my cats recovery. I found the office to be clean and tidy, and the staff to be helpful. Thank you all!
– Anonymous

I’ve been taking my pets here for over 15 years and have to say that I’ve never met a more compassionate group of veterinarians and staff anywhere. The front office is always accommodating and the 3 vets I typically deal with are wonderful. Dr.Perez has performed numerous surgeries on my dogs, including the removal of an enormous abdominal tumor that we thought was inoperable. Dr Boen is lovely, soft spoken and very compassionate. And whenever we visit with Dr Bruno, it’s like going back to school – he spends so much time explaining everything – that I feel like I went to vet school for the day. Compared to what my friends dealt with at their previous vets – they’ve all switched to West Orange A H – these folks are extremely honest, price everything fairly and most importantly treat me like a friend and my pets as their own. I love them all !!!!
Ralph B.

The West Orange Hospital provides prompt, compassionate, knowledgeable, and cost effective medical care for all pets! Their entire staff is willing to go above and beyond. It is a pleasure take my pets to their beautiful new facility!
Sara S.

I have never been so privileged as to have met a Veterinarian who cares so genuinely and sincerely about his clientele and their pet’s/companions health and well being. Dr. Bruno took almost an hour of his time explaining to me things which I had never fully understood until that time. West Orange Animal Hospital is a gem among gems, and Dr. Bruno is a tribute to love and empathy of all creatures great and small.
James D

Our family has been blessed to have Dr. Perez and Dr. Bruno care for our dear pets for many many years. From well visits, to providing boarding services, to providing guidance for serious medical conditions, and in supporting us and comforting us through the most difficult of times. Their incredible expertise and compassion are unmatched. The West Orange Animal Hospital staff are professional, attentive and caring. We are so grateful to now have them caring for our Bella.
Dian G

The best vets anywhere! We traveled for over an hour after we moved so that our beloved dog, Zoe could receive the best medical care. When we sadly had to put her to sleep in October, everyone in the office showed us kindness and compassion.
-Sharon J

I appreciate the care and attention given to myself and my pet regarding her condition. They were so friendly and helpful and worked with my situation and addressed all my concern. I am planning on transferring my 2 additional pets info and attending there from now on as my primary vet even if its in West Orange and I live in Jersey City. Also advised my siblings and parents and they want to transfer as well because they to are looking for a better Veterinary because they want a more attentive and a more established office.
Cari S

Absolutely love this place!!! Staff has been nothing but friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable! Sometimes the wait to be seen can be long, but it is only because they take in emergency cases, which is so comforting to know that if your pet has an emergency they will see you! Can t say enough great things about here!!!
Kris H.

I would highly recommend West Orange Animal Hospital to any individual in need of excellent health-care for their pet. Dr. Perez is a wonderful vet and a very skilled surgeon. She took excellent care in removing a mast-cell tumor from the rear paw of our family dog. Dr. Perez was very direct and honest about our treatment options and prognosis which was greatly appreciated. I am so glad that we went out of our way to get a second opinion with West Orange Animal Hospital and I am very grateful that Dr. Perez was able to perform the surgery. Our wonderful dog is in recovery but doing very well post-op. Thanks again to Dr. Perez, Dr. Bruno and the whole West Orange Animal Hospital Team!
Rene R.

I have taken my animals to WOAH since 2003 and I can’t say enough good things about them. I started with 2 cats, who actually lived to the age of 16 and who died within 6 months of each other. I had never owned my own pet before and wasn’t quite sure what to do when the first cat got sick, but they were very compassionate and helped me through a difficult time. Some time later I got another cat who experienced kidney failure at a relatively young age, and was much better prepared, thanks to them, when it was time to say good-bye. Now they see my dog and yet another cat. When they treat an animal they provide options but they don’t upsell, or if they do, they do it well because I never feel any pressure. A particular shout-out to Dr. Boen, who is always my vet of choice, although any of the doctors there are wonderful. The front desk staff has been there for a long time, which is telling in a good way, and it is easy to establish a rapport with them. I don’t kow the techs as well, but I would recommend WOAH to anyone any time.
Teresa D.

Love West Orange Animal Hospital. The vets are all top notch, mostly if not all out of U Penn. Dr. Dick diagnosed my Harry with lymphoma right away when another vet did not. All of the vets are wonderful, including the Perez’s who founded the practice. The front office staff is very helpful and I never wait. I feel like they know and love my dog Bear, and they are extremely responsive. Btw, they have reasonable fair fees and don’t push unnecessary procedures. They are great!”

“We had to put our cat Gizmo down in early June 2021, the Doctor that helped us was so nice, warm and understanding we thank her, one week later a new kitten showed up in our driveway, we wanted a new pet but not this soon, so the new kitten became part of our family and we named her after Gizmo’s doctor Dr. Ashleigh, Ashleigh has been seeing Dr. Ashleigh on a regular basis, We are so glad for Dr. Ashleigh and West Orange Animal Hospital for being so close to us, five stars for the team .”

“Our whippet, Apple, needed a splenectomy and we were blessed that WOAH was able to get her in right away. Dr. Marissa Dick performed the surgery, which went very well. She was wonderful about explaining all the details and answering all my questions. In a time when worry and concern about your fur baby are overwhelming, it’s good to know there is a group of dedicated professionals out there to rely on for quality care. I also love that instead of a cone, they offer a onesie to keep licking tongues away. So much more comfortable for the pet!”

“I cant put into words how wonderful and amazing this office is! From the techs to the vets, everyone is professional and polite and make you feel comfortable and unrushed! I really need to shout out a special kudos to Dr.Marisa Dick, OMG she is the most compassionate and understanding vet I have vet I have ever met! Talk about patience of a saint! SHE IS A SAINT. My daughters cat “Vegas” has given us quite a run for our money this year, this cat is my daughters furbaby, Dr.Dick has treated and guided and been so very very patient with Vegas’s care, and spoken and corresponded with my daughter with compassion and care that goes above and beyond EVERY time! Dr.Dick is truly what all vets should aspire to be, knowledgeable caring and compassionate and understanding! honestly, the entire office and just frigging great in every way! Additionally, you don’t need a equity loan for a visit also! Rates and prices are more than fair! Again… Thank you Dr.Dick nad to each and everyone of you at the office, keep it up, you guy are truly the best! Dont ever hesitate taking you pets to this office, they truly are amazing!
Mike Del Viscovo, Vegas and Jackson”

“I cannot say enough good things about WOAH. The entire staff is so friendly and knowledgeable from the front desk to the vet techs to the vets. They are tech-enabled with an amazing app with chat functionality (for when you’re not sure to panic or not), appointment booking, vaccination records and more. We drive all the way from Jersey City to take our dog here – we love it THAT much. I absolutely cannot recommend them enough!”

“We had such a great experience at this practice. Dr. Ashleigh Bruno was knowledgeable, extremely kind, and very professional. I can’t say enough positive things and am very happy to have switched to WOAH”